The results are in…

This past Monday, our county’s art program held its award reception at the PCC-TV studios here in downtown Clearwater. I went to the reception, anxious but confident that Centered and Position of Strength had looked their best and were going to wow the judges.

As in the previous four years, the air crackled with excitement – not only because the contest was about to be judged, but this was the first opportunity for the artists to meet and greet. After looking at each other’s work for the past week, it was great to put faces with names and art pieces.

The National Arts Program’s executive director was also on hand for the ceremony, which proved to be a great honor.

Finally, the names were announced. Here are the results for the adult professional category:

Honorable Mention: “Beyond Petroleum” by Josh Lynch

Third Place: “The Chalk Artist” by Robert Waters
Second Place: “Docked” by Constance Myers

First Place: “The Boyfriend” by Kristina Hopper

As you can see, neither of the pieces placed in the competition. At first, I felt a little bit crushed. I thought these were two of the best pieces I had submitted for judging, and I had yet to walk away from one of these contests without a ribbon.

But, then I quickly realized two things– first, after finishing in the money for the first four years, I think I’ve done pretty darned well. It’s great that this year’s judges saw the work and weighed in on what they liked.

Secondly, and I believe most importantly, I think it’s time to step my game up a little bit. It’s been very comfortable for me to enter pieces into the contest here with the county every year, and I’ve felt like the Big Man on Campus among my peers. But, the time has come to start moving in a bigger direction. That’s why I’m speaking with the Florida Craftsmen Gallery about these two pieces and the Fujiwhara Chest I built a few years ago to see about getting my work exhibited there.

In the meantime, I’m going to start thinking about next year’s entry. You might see me running Rocky Balboa style around the neighborhood, whipping myself into shape for my rematch with Apollo Creed. I’ve got to build something next year to knock the proverbial socks off the judges!

3 thoughts on “The results are in…”

  1. Do what ever you must do but, don’t give up wood working for painting or photography!
    It seems that some people (judges) think that art MUST be on canvas, in oils and framed!
    Hey, that is an idea… Wow them with picture frames next year!!! 🙂
    Anyway, keep up the good fight and good luck in the future.


  2. Just keep getting in the ring, Tom. Try a few new combos, change up your foot work until you find your rhythm. Sure enough you’ll knock ’em out COLD!

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