Stuff I’ve Built: The Fujiwhara Chest

  • June, 2008

The Fujiwhara ChestFor those who follow along at the Wood Whisperer Blog, Marc Spagnuolo has featured one of my latest projects as his featured Project of the Week.

This is a Krenov-inspired chest on stand I built mostly out of offcuts I purchased at Weiss Hardwoods in Largo, Florida.  I wanted the base to have a little movement and grace, so I cut the rails and stretchers with a curve in them. Both the front and back curves have identical arcs – as do the two sides.

The chest is made of maple and is dovetailed with my Keller Journeyman jig.  I was able to use variable spacing by following the simple instructions Dave Keller wrote up in the manual.

The top rails of the doors echo the identical arcs in the aprons and rails, and the panels are veneered sapele wood I got from Veneer Supplies dot com.

The write up I put on Marc’s blog goes into great detail about the construction.  But, what I loved most about this project was the number of firsts.  My first veneered project (Loved it).  My first attempt at a Krenov Cabinet.  My first variably spaced dovetails.

The Fujiwhara Chest was recently dropped off at the county’s personnel office – the coordinating office for the annual art show sponsored by the  National Arts Program.  I will find out at a reception late on October 1 how the piece fared.  With any luck, the judges might see some merit in honoring the piece.

Just as an FYI – I have also put the piece up for sale for $1,000.  I’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds to my county’s Christmas Bikes program which allows employees to contribute to purchase bikes for underprivelidged kids.

4 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Built: The Fujiwhara Chest”

  1. Excellent job. I have learned that you need to appreciate your own work, because most non-woodworkers will give it a 10 second glance and say “That’s nice”. I have enjoyed your attention to detail for some time.

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