Kind Words

“Tom Iovino’s blog, Tom’s Workbench is a great place for further reflection on what we do as woodworkers. He offers tips on techniques, links to explore and personal observations drawn from his own adventures in making things from wood. Like some of the rest of us, Tom is obsessed. But, fun, and obsessed in a good way, with woodworking and all things wood.”

What a Slacker

“Tom is one heck of a woodworker and writer. He takes pride in every word and has the ability to develop a story even when dealing with simple factual information (like woodworking instruction). I always enjoy reading Tom’s articles and blog posts.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tom on a number of occasions. His talent for writing brings to life complex ideas and concepts that normally would be difficult to relay to someone who hasn’t experienced them before. And at the same time keeps the attention of someone who has. Tom has made his own website and blog ‘Tom’s Workbench’ a must visit site for his audience and has also consistently contributed great content for my show ‘Wood Talk Online’ in the form of his regular feature ‘Tom’s Tips’.”

“I love your blog.  I found you through TWW network, and I love your comments.  The recent blog on handplaning a board is great.”

“Tom Iovino’s blog is one of my favorites; his frequent posts are informative, amusing and personable. He and his brethren woodworking bloggers provide a real service to our industry with insightful posts about all aspects of woodworking.”

  • Ron Hock, plane iron maker to the stars

“Tom Iovino has been providing a humorous, yet educational look at woodworking for some time on his Tom’s Workbench blog.  You might also recognize his name from his recent articles in Wood Magazine.  Long story short, we get a kick out of Tom and think you will too.”

“In addition to being involved with his boy’s sports, he has a passion and an enthusiasm for woodworking that’s infectious. Talk to Tom and woodworkers like him and you’ll catch that bug.  No immunizations are available or wanted.”

  • Jim Heavey, Contributing Craftsman, Wood Magazine

“I enjoy every video and column you have posted to date. Thanks so much for taking the time to enrich my woodworking hobby with your knowledge, ability to communicate and your humor. Yours is my favorite site by far.”

  • Tim Williams, Vinita, Oklahoma

“Contributors to the articles on the Wood Talk Online web site include Tom Iovino, another Italian weekend wood worker originally from the North East but now transplanted, to Florida in his case. Tom has a quick & witty mind and has some interesting insights into woodworking.”

6 thoughts on “Kind Words”

  1. Hey, Mr. Steve! Thanks for the visit!

    For those who may not know, Steve Pincsak is one heck of a guy himself. I met him while working at a woodworking school in Indiana. I’ve never met a funnier or more talented ‘dabbler’ in the craft.

    He’s definitely someone you could sit down with over a beer or three and swap shop stories.

    Steve, welcome to my blog! 😀

  2. I think it was either Confucius or Buddha who said it best. “I read Tom’s Workbench and therefore I am.”

  3. Tom just stopped by your blog…love it! Very funny and full of information. I can tell that you have a lot of fun with this. I just started my own blog a few months ago and really enjoy it, it is great to be able to help others just learning about woodworking.

  4. So glad to have you back in my “In-box”so sorry to learn of your transition. I would highly recommend that your first discussion/teaching blog be “Getting your tools in shape.” Good projects and worthwhile shop talk should start with sharp tools. Paul Sellers has numerous YouTube videos about starting with sharp tools. Chisels, planes, saws, marking gauges, cutting mortise and tenons with the basic hand tools. His Master “Woodworking Master Classes” costs $15/month. Excellent!

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