Making his mark

My friend Lawrence Wroten is a real up and coming woodworker, but his blog, Midnight Woodworking, doesn’t get much traffic.

That’s a real bummer.

Lawrence, on the left, taking in what appaers to be a woodworking rendition of the last supper
Lawrence, on the left, taking in what appears to be a woodworking rendition of the last supper

It’s a real shame, because the content he has is just so darned good. For instance, he recently told me about a little experiment he conducted on how to sign his work, and the idea was nothing short of genius.

First, the background: Lawrence is out of his mind. Seriously. Instead of signing, branding or inlaying something into his work to identify it as his, he carved – yes CARVED – his logo into the project at the end. With such an intricate logo, this carving was adding about four hours to each project.

I can understand being proud of your work and wanting it identified for years to come, but, come on… FOUR extra hours? Wow… Lawrence's carving

So, he got to thinking, why not create a stamp that he could use to apply an inked image onto the projects?

I don’t want to give away the method he went for, but I can tell you, it was inspired, and the maker’s mark came out looking good.

The Stamp! The Stamp!

Want to find out how he did it? Click here to see how well it worked out, and I guarantee you will be impressed.


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