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There are lots of tool companies out there, offering loads of tools for sale. And, while they look totally enticing, anyone wanting to buy these tools might have a few questions. How did the tool maker come up with the design? What are some other uses for the tool? How can I get the most out of my investment?

Kurt and AndyIn order to help prospective tool buyers, the folks at Infinity Cutting Tools have set up a blog, where woodworkers in residence Kurt Raschke and Andy Gibson use the tools, offer tips and tricks and go into detail on the best way to set things up. No, it’s not a groundbreaking idea, but it does offer some additional guidance while deciding if that tool is right for you and your shop.

2 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Looking forward to their open house on April 4th 5th.
    I need a little one on one for that Lock-Miter bit I bought from them.
    They had a busy booth at the Woodworking Show in Tampa as well.

  2. Eric- please do come by. I’m happy to walk you through the set up and usage of the lock miter master. We will get you rolling in no time.

    Tom- thanks as always for the support.

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