A very special Modern Woodworkers Association

What makes woodworkers tick?  How did they get into woodworking in the first place?  What are their favorite tools?

At the last Woodworking in America, Dyami Plotke and I took around a voice recorder on the floor of the convention, and we asked some of the biggest names in woodworking these basic questions.  The answers.. well, they were enlightening….

Interviewing Chuck Bender on the floor of the event

Keep in mind that this was recorded on the show floor so the sound is not the greatest at times but the content is well worth listening to.

Interviews include:

  • Andy Brownell
  • Burce Wang
  • Charles Brock
  • Chris Schwarz
  • Glen Huey
  • Greggory Paolini
  • Mark Harell
  • Megan Fitzpatrick
  • Roy Underhill
  • Scott Meek
  • Scott Philips
  • Thomas McDonald



4 thoughts on “A very special Modern Woodworkers Association”

  1. Long time reader first time replier.Tom I really enjoyed all the interviews in this weeks blog. I read your blog every week and always enjoy them. I also like your weekly polls. Keep up the good work.Thanks for all the information.

  2. Joe-

    Thanks for reading! Since you don’t sound like the kind of guy who needs to be restrained and force fed my blog’s content, I definitely consider this a compliment!

    Glad you enjoyed the interviews… They were fun to do.

  3. Looking forward to listening in the shop this weekend! The title sounds very dramatic…like one of those 80″s sitcoms that’s about to deal with something serious like drug abuse or teenage pregnancy…”This week on a very special MWA…Tom’s world is turned upside down…”

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