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The Workbench Diary

To get to the blog of Joshua Klein, you have to head to Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge

No, not THAT Brooklyn. More like this one:

Joshua Klein's Maine workshop

There. That’s more like it. Up in the quaint coastal city of Brooklyn, Maine, you will find Joshua Klein and his blog The Workbench Diary. Joshua takes the time to pour the love into antique furniture looking to be restored, and makes replacement pieces for furniture – and new pieces – usingĀ  traditional techniques.

Joshua working at his workbench

Besides learning a lot about furniture restoration and building, a visit to his site is just so soothing, and it will do your heart good to watch beautifully hand-crafted furniture built by craftsmen in days of yore get a second chance at life … a better fate than being thrown into a dumpster somewhere.

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