Important People: Rhonda Iovino

There have been a bunch of folks who have had a major influence on Tom’s Workbench over the past five years. I wanted to take the time to recognize a few of the folks with which the blog would have never happened.

Today, I send a shout-out to my wife, Rhonda Iovino. It’s only appropriate, since today is our 19th anniversary.  (How does she find the patience to deal with me?)

A million years ago, when I first started woodworking as a hobby, I wanted to surprise my wife with a blanket chest. Something I wanted to build for her so she could stash some items which held important memories (items such as the snorkels we used on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico) as well as some useful, but out-of-season things (winter blankets during the long, hot Florida summers).

While that first project was an abomination (come on, Tom, construction plywood?), she never once wavered in support of my new hobby. Over the years, she has encouraged me to go to woodworking events – both locally and long-trips away from home – to help develop my skills. We have worked together in selecting projects to give as gifts for friends and neighbors. She has recently stepped to the plate and learned how to do some sanding and finishing on projects, and has expressed interest in looking forward to possibly building a few of her own. (How on Earth will we decide who gets time on the band saw?)

The best thing about her being part of the Tom’s Workbench team, though, is that she’s always there for me. No matter how many challenges I face, she lends encouragement – and a wise word or two – to get me back on track. And, when I’m sky-high with excitement after building a project, she brings me back to Earth, encouraging me to look critically at the piece I have built to see how I could improve my technique.

It has been one heck of an adventure, Rhonda. Thanks for being there.


3 thoughts on “Important People: Rhonda Iovino”

  1. Happy Anniversary Tom and Rhonda. I personally know it’s wonderful to have your wife not only support you in the shop but to actually get in there and help out. My wife loves to sand and finish.

  2. Happy Anniversary Rhonda and Tom.
    What? Did she marry you when she was 12? She doesn’t look like a lady that’s been married 19 years already!
    (You are welcome to use that one Tom…;)

    I think it’s very fitting that she be recognized for her contributions to Tom’s Workbench.
    Heck, she even came in and did some relief pitching for you when the necessity arose!
    What a wife !
    And, as far as having the loving support and encouragement of your wife towards woodworking, all I can say is,,,,do you think you could have her call my wife?…ha, ha.

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