Tools I use: Woodworking T-shirts, part deux

Can you remember my previous tour de force about my woodworking shirts?  If not, check here to see what I was wearing back in the day. (Yes, I still have many of these!)

Since then, I have added a lot of new ones to the collection. Enough, in fact, to do a SECOND post. So, here’s a little love to the folks out there who are helping to cover my growing gut!

Once again, with feeling, clockwise from the top middle, and click on the image to see a larger version:

Got Wood? They sure do over at Bell Forest Products. Scads of it! I have really enjoyed working with them through the years, and the wood they have there is really just amazing to look at!

Mike Siemsen gave me this next shirt for volunteering at the Hand Tool Olympics last year at Woodworking in America. This shirt reminds me that hand tools are indeed fun, and I have a LONG way to go before I get good with dovetails!

What can you say about Ron Hock over at Hock Tools? He’s super knowledgeable about blades. He’d go way out of his way to be helpful to even the most ham-handed woodworker. And, he’s just a plain nice guy. If you get the chance to talk to him, you will come away a much better person for the experience.

The folks over at Bessey Tools send me this black beauty. They sure have helped me put the squeeze on projects for years now, and they make some awesome clamps. I hope they can handle the pressure now… snort…

We are Modern Woodworking.. and we mean it!  If you haven’t been to the Modern Woodworkers Association, what are you waiting for? There’s some awesome stuff going on in the different chapters around the world… oh, and I also hear they do this online podcast with a silver-tongued host… 🙂

Matt Vanderlist.  The Podfather. A fixture in the online woodworking community for years… And, the mastermind behind Matt’s Basement Workshop.  He’s the man, and here’s the shirt!

Iggy the Trained Shop Monkey gets excited when I wear this shirt I got from Gorilla Glue. It’s easy to see why… that big monkey on the front.  Iggy’s definitely stuck on them.

There’s no tool like an old tool.. and when an old fool wears it, well, that just makes for great rhyming. This one came from Duluth Trading Company… and I just love the slogan.

And, if you are interested in wearing the latest in Shop Monkey fashion, why not check out my storefront at Cafe Press? I’m modeling one of the baseball T’s with the shop monkey logo emblazoned on the front.


4 thoughts on “Tools I use: Woodworking T-shirts, part deux”

  1. That’s a great collection of shirts!
    I’ve seen shirts with Airplanes on them but this is the first time I’ve seen one with a Bench Plane on it!

  2. Oh, I get it now… Like the Brady Bunch, right?

    The Got Wood? picture was much funnier when I didn’t think it involved the picture below it. 🙂

    Grats on the almost 1000 posts, Tom!

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