Got us another one!

Got off the phone last night with Dave Campbell of Wood Magazine. While he was very excited about me reaching the thousand post milestone, he was considerably more concerned about how the pressure of stardom was going to affect Iggy. I mean, now the poor monkey is going to have to write MORE articles to help get us to that important number.

To show his support for Iggy, Dave has offered a great prize: A DVD with the complete Wood Magazine collection with issues from number one through 209.  Folks, that’s more than 25 years of content!


2 thoughts on “Got us another one!”

  1. Man O Man, you and your sponsors (god love their little hearts) are really stuffing the prize box !
    It just goes to show you how popular Iggy,… uh, I mean you, are ! lol

    (Probably all those TV appearances you’ve been making lately. They know they have a star on their hands !)

  2. Tom, you the “Man”. I kind of feel sorry for all your fans that don’t really know you. Missed you at the meeting last week.

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