Not what I planned on writing today

No, with today being April 1, I planned on writing a funny post about a woodworker turning the world’s largest banana or a gasoline powered chisel… But, we had a real scare at the house yesterday.

A severe line of thunderstorms plowed through the west coast of Florida, and a huge chunk of ‘energy’ passed right over our neighborhood.  The National Weather Service will determine if what we had was really a tornado, but everyone who was home when this hit (including my wife and youngest son) swear up and down that the inky black sky and ‘freight train’ type sound was close enough for them to call it one.

Thank God that everyone was OK, and the damage, while stunning, didn’t put anyone out of their homes.  I will tell you that the most helpless feeling is having to work in the county’s Emergency Operations Center and not knowing if my loved ones were OK.

My Neighbor's house missing part of the roof


The neighbor across the street from us and her downed tree
The county's Fleet Management building - about a mile from my house

We’re cleaning up today…  In the meantime, here are some more shots of the event. What a mess…

8 thoughts on “Not what I planned on writing today”

  1. Glad you & the family are ok.

    Have you taught Iggy to tie himself to the workbench in these situations?

  2. Tom! I can’t believe it. That must have been very scary to have been at work while your family was home. What a mess. I am sorry to see the pictures. Good luck with the clean up. Let me know if you need anything.

  3. Living just down the road from Xenia, Ohio tornadoes are always on our minds around here, esp this time of the year. I know your concern. I have been in 5 myself including the one that hit the Hamilton County Fair in 1968, I was hiding under the truck that the loins cage was on. They are a awesome piece of nature and scary as hell, just glad you guys got though it ok, but keep us in mind our season is just getting started here.

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