My day at the Woodworking Show

Hello, everyone. Iggy again, and I wanted to tell you all about the full day I worked this past weekend at the Woodworking Show in Tampa.

First, as is tradition, I had Tom call Jim Heavey and Andy Chidwick to come over to the house on Friday night. I figured that they were on the road in a strange town (Where else would Tom be allowed to work in the shop?) and could use a home cooked meal. Jim showed up first, and it turns out that the entire Chidwick clan was in tow as well! They’ve been going from town to town with the show, demonstrating and making it a great experience for everyone who attended. Me, well, it rarely happens, but I was just starstruck.

After dinner, I left Tom to load the materials for the show, and I went out to party with my guests.  We spent a wild night on the town, and celebrated into the night.  The cops had to come out to the hotel twice to talk to us about the noise, and we were definitely enjoying the banana daiquiris.  After the big night, we crashed late and planned on a rough day at the show.

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early – surprisingly chipper after the big night. Tom brought car with the Contemplation bench and Centered, the computer and lots of my business cards. When we got to the show floor, I was surprised to see my booth next to the Chidwick’s that was fit for an accomplished woodworker. I had a Lie-Nielsen bench to set the benches on, a large screen TV and a comfortable place where I could speak with the attendees. It was awesome, and many thanks to the crew who made it all possible!

Between speaking with attendees during the day, I took the opportunity to get out and see what was on display. I saw my friend Jim Heavey working hard giving his presentation at the Wood Magazine classrooom.

I had a chance to see Happy Andy at his his classroom. This guy can get people excited about woodworking, and his work really stands out. Some really awesome sculpted joinery for chairs. I noticed that Tom was busily taking notes, but I’m not sure the Tailless Wonder is going to be able to make it happen. At least not without my help.

I also swung by the booth Andy had set up for his 14-year-old son Tano. He’s a very interesting kid – he loves woodworking, and I hear he was able to teach Tom how to turn a pen.If that’s true, the kid might be a genius.  I know someone took video – I’m going to see if I can edit it and get it onto the site. By the way – nice shirt!

Finally, I have to put a shout out for two more of the Chidwick family – Sherry, the ever patient wife, mom and marketing/publicity maven and my new best friend Ellie. This girl is a dynamo. She runs a lunch delivery business for all of the exhibitors at the show – and business is good.  Plus, with a face like that , you can bet the tips are flowing. She makes a kickin’ ham and cheese sandwich.

For some reason, Sherry asked Tom to come out and speak about blogging and social media. I hear that he did a decent job. Let’s see if he managed to work the video camera properly…

Many thanks also go out to Joe Strong and the rest of the crew with the Woodworking Show. Friendly, accommodating folks who want to bring the best to woodworkers across the country. I have to tip my hat to them.

Definitely more to come as we wrap up the show.


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  1. I couldn’t make the show this year, but I’m sure glad you did Iggy. Thanks for filling us in and I’ll see you there next year.

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