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As I’ve stated before – when it comes to woodworking techniques, there are a thousand ways to skin the proverbial cat. Ask any woodworker, and you’ll soon discover how true this is.  While you may complete a task using a table saw, other woodworkers may turn to routers, bandsaws, hand tools or other means to complete the task in their shop.

While some woodworkers may tell you how they would have done the task at their bench, others who are a little bit more pushy (abrasive? know-it-all?) not only offer their recommendations, but tell you you ‘should have’ done it  their way instead.

This week, let us know if you have ever been told by another woodworker that you ‘should have’ done the job the way they would have done it, and what your reaction was.

Have you ever been told you ‘should have’ done a woodworking task the way another woodworker does things?customer surveys



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  1. I’ve never been told that I did something WRONG but, I have received some SUGGESTIONS for other ways of doing things. And I really appreciate their thoughts and ideas for future times. It helps me expand my wood working knowledge.


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