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Sure, there are lots of vocations that claim to be the ‘oldest profession’ on Earth, but I’d have to wager that woodworker would vie for the title.  Think about it.. even if our distant hunter-gatherer relatives were just using a stick to fend off angry saber-toothed tigers, that would have to qualify as some kind of woodworking.

From there, you had the whole shelter/tool/roasting stick/furniture evolution where woodworking came into its own.  And, all along its development, and number of innovations have taken place.  The development of the mortise and tenon. The development of the dovetail. The discovery that the gooey mess that lac bugs secreted would make a nice furniture finish.

Since there has been so much development throughout the centuries, you might think that it would be difficult to see true innovation in woodworking.

That would be the case if you never opened your eyes. There are many companies out there developing new products or processes that make woodworking a more enjoyable pastime.

One of the companies consistently out in front is Kreg Tools.  From the development of the first practical pocket hole jig to the precision after-market fences and other cabinet-making tools, the engineers at Kreg have truly pushed the envelope.

“We’re always amazed at just how clever the folks are at Kreg,” said Tim Walter of Eagle America.  “I mean, the beaded face frame set up they produced last year was a real stroke of genius, cutting a tremendous amount of time necessary to perform that task.”

Eagle America is a proud retailer of Kreg tools, offering a wide variety of products. “If you are starting your shop from scratch, you can pick up a sweet router table, pocket hole jig – even a whole pocket hole system. And, if you are just looking to upgrade, you can add a precision fence to your band saw or a new miter gauge for your table saw.”  Tim even pointed out that if you are simply restocking pocket screws after building a previous project, you can do that at Eagle as well.

“The Kreg tools can also break you free from your shop. Many are portable, allowing you to work right on site.  The new deck jig concealed fastening system can get you out on a sunny weekend to help you build that deck you have been putting off for a while.”

To sweeten the deal, Eagle America is also offering a $20 gift card for all Kreg purchases over $149.  “In this economy, every little bit helps.  We’re glad we can do something to help make your woodworking easier and more enjoyable.”

One thought on “Pushing the envelope”

  1. Great post Tom.

    Eagle America has a great website and an awesome variety of professional grade, high quality router bits.

    That beaded frame set up look interesting. Sure beats the old method. ROB

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