I’m so happy…

Did I tell you how much I missed being in my shop?

Does this picture tell you how happy I was to get back into it?

After weeks of yard work, stitches, hurricane conferences and all sorts of other ‘issues’, I finally got some shop time yesterday.  First, I had to  get to the bench to clean it up.  Things such as string trimmer spools, extension cords, hedge trimmer manuals (the one that instructed me NOT to put my fingers near the moving blades was fun to read) have this nasty habit of piling up on the bench if I don’t take care of them.  Heck, I even had a plastic tub full of Easter decorations that still had to get put back in the attic.

While cleaning wasn’t what I had in mind, it did get me into the shop and back into the woodworking mindset. As the stuff was put away, more space became available for woodworking.  Which is exactly what I need.

Soon after, I had found the things I was looking for.  The four sides of the box I was working on.  The veneered elm panel. The measurements I had jotted down for the box.  It was almost like I had never left the shop.

I cut the veneered panels to fit the top and bottom and rabbeted the panel edges to fit the grooves I had machined back in April. The fit beautifully… better than I had imagined.  And, it glued up nice and tight.

Now, I still have some more work to do on the box.. cutting some dovetail splines for the corners, cutting the lid free, sanding and finishing.. but, for now, it’s good to be back!

6 thoughts on “I’m so happy…”

  1. Finger’s great. Back on the bass and in the shop… It’s good to be back in the routine again!

  2. I’m glad you are back. I know exactly how you feel. A few years ago I became disabled with spinal cord damage. It has required me to learn my woodworking skills all over again, and in new ways.) With this I long to be in the shop but my body says, “No, Not today’, or “Just an hour now, or else” and other such things. It was been over a month since I have been in the shop! Maybe this week?
    So, welcome back, and I know what you went through.
    John, from Jackson Michigan.

  3. Glad to see a woodworker where he wants to be. Better to be at the bench than on the bench, but I understand your enthusiasm.

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