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Den’s Model Ships

Back in the days of wooden ships and iron sailors, the shipwrights who built these craft were masters. Every single piece of wood was cut, shaped and joined by hand to create a ship that could sail the oceans blue.

Today, there are still craftsmen who build ships piece by piece, but, in the case of a woodworker named Den, the ships are at a much smaller – but no less impressive –  scale.

The work is stunning.  Recreations of historic ships such as British Men-of-War, the U.S.S. Constellation and other ships are done in painstaking detail. Every wooden piece is hand made to be as accurate as possible, as are the rigging, sails and other features.

Definitely worth a look. If you want to buy, just remember that each ship takes hundreds of hours of labor, and the prices  certainly reflect the hard work and dedication.

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