“You are tough to buy for…”

My wife and I have a great relationship. We are a good pair of ‘parent partners’ when it comes to raising our boys. We share many of the same tastes in food, friends and keeping our home a pleasant place to live. There are times when we are right on the same wavelength, knowing when – say – it’s time to leave a party because someone thinks it would be cool to start dancing the Macarena.

The one time we seem to disconnect is when we are buying gifts for each other. I remember the time I bought her utility long underwear tops and bottoms – and gave them to her – on Christmas morning – in front of her parents – while we were just still dating.

I am an extreme dufus.

For many years, we would share the same lament whenever Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, our anniversary, the holidays or our birthdays would roll around. What am I going to get for my loving – and ever patient – spouse?

We got to the point where we now write down our gift ideas and slip them to each other. It’s been a good solution, and I’m currently working my way through her’s this holiday season. So far, so good.

But, it’s almost 2010! Pen and paper? So outdated. Besides, aren’t we all going paperless these days?

That’s why many retailers are getting savvy and putting together entire gift sites on their online stores. Every year, merchants are making it easier for those loved ones in your life to pick the right goodies for you.


“The whole reason we started our gift site,” said Tim Walter of Eagle America, “is that we know woodworkers throw themselves into their gift making this time of the year. We just wanted to make sure that you weren’t forgotten about, either.”

As with many other sites, the folks at Eagle America have combed through their entire catalog of offerings to select those handy, just-can’t-do-without items that woodworkers would love to see under the tree. “We put a focus on both essential items as well as some more fun woodworking accessories. After all, fun on Christmas morning shouldn’t just be for the kids, woodworkers deserve some too!”

The gift offerings are also broken into dollar range categories. “We understand that not everyone can afford to spend a lot this holiday season. That’s why we broke the categories down by amount. For instance, if you have kids and they are pooling their allowance to buy you something for the shop, we want to ensure they can find a high-quality tool well within their price range.”

And, for those who may have been extra-nice this year, “There are lots of fun ‘toys’ in there…you know what I mean, power tools! Who wouldn’t want a brand new Fein Multimaster under the tree?”

Of course, you can recommend your loved ones just browse by category, or you could select a few items and put them on your wish list. “Sometimes, you need a particular tool to help you develop your skills. Planting a few suggestions gives the gift-giver some guidance on what you are looking for and helps prevent them from giving you something that you may already have.”

While it may seem like it’s no longer a gift if you plant a few strong hints, remember, you may be helping your spouse, friends or relatives who might be sweating over choosing a gift for you this time of the year. “Besides,” asked Tim, “how many reindeer sweaters does one person REALLY need?”

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  1. I have a couple of wish lists set up at Barnes & Noble’s website, along with an entire page on my blog for woodworking related wants.

    If some aspiring developer came up with a website where you could aggregate wish lists from across multiple websites, they would see some serious traffic.

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