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They are some of the most useful power tools in the shop.  Table saws can rip, crosscut and cut scads of different kinds of joints.

They can also represent a significant investment for the typical woodworker.  Many woodworkers have had to buy smaller, less capable saws and step up to beefier models.  Others may have inherited the well-used saws from friends or relatives.  Still other may own a larger saw for their shop and a smaller, more portable model for their field work.

However, it adds up, this week, we want to know how many table saws you have ever owned in your life. Be sure to count them all!

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4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Just getting a Sawstop PCS next week for #2! Finally rid of my $200 (but useful) Ryobi, used for the last 5 years.

  2. An 8″ Craftsman that I was very comfortable with back in the 70’s, a huge 10″ Craftsman Contractor Table Saw in the 80’s and 90’s that I was so terrified of that I didn’t use it. A smaller 10″ Craftsman purchased about 7 years ago that helped me become more familiar and less fearful of table saws again. And, now a 10″ 1.5 hp Jet Contractor Saw that is very comfortable to me.


  3. A cheap Crapsman 10″er that a friend bought (with me in mind) for $50.00 at a sale.
    When that fell apart for the 4th time, I broke down and bought a new Jet 10″, 1.5 HP and love it!
    Just hope I never find a saw that is better for what I do than the Jet. Ha Ha


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