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Part of what I love most about blogging are my Links of the Week.  I spend a good bit of time surfing the web for the most useful or interesting links I can, and feature one of them each Friday.  Who knows, maybe you will find a fun weekend project you could knock out or read more about a particular woodworkers to see if their style interests you.

But, this past Friday’s Link of the Week brought a reply from the moderator of the Tool Crib power tool blog.  Tool Crib had posted a quick question on several woodworking forums asking who or what were the greatest influences in getting the readers involved in  the craft. The responses were very enlightening, and made for some very interesting reading.

He also told me that it had been two years since the conducted the survey, and that I was more than welcome to conduct it again to get a wider sample.

So, this weekend, I started posting on a few forums asking the readers to name the top three influences in their woodworking adventures.  So far, the response has been very brisk, and there have been some funny, thoughtful and touching responses.

I will leave this survey ‘open’ through August 15 (but, I also reserve the right to end it August 1 if there’s no more input coming in) and then analyzing the responses for a later post.

If you would like to participate in the survey, or you would like to read some of the comments which have already been posted, you can see the question at:

If you are not a forum member and would still like to get involved, you can always use my contact form to send me your input.

This could be a very interesting survey…

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