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Tool Crib’s 31 Most Influential Woodworkers

Mentoring another generation of woodworkersThis was one of those ideas I wish I would have thought of.  The folks at Tool Crib went to three different woodworking forums and posted a simple question – who are five most influential woodworkers who started you on your path to woodworking?

The readers posted more than 100 different names, and 31 of them received two or more votes.  Using that information, Tool Crib ranked the woodworkers and listed them for all to see.

The top three influences – according to the woodworkers who participated in the polling – are:

  • Norm Abram
  • ‘Dad’
  • David Marks

Follow the link above to read more about this very interesting poll…

4 thoughts on “Link of the Week”

  1. Hey Tom, thanks for the mention – that article was fun to do! It took a long time, but really seemed to touch the heartstrings in the forums.

    The article’s over 2 years old now though so maybe it’s time for a revision/update 😉 Go ahead and survey the forums again for your blog if you want and I’ll link to yours… Just make sure you go bigger (more forums) than what I did 😀


  2. Ya know… maybe – just maybe – we could do a little sumpin’ sumpin’…..

    Thanks, Garret. That was very good info…

  3. Hey Tom – just to let you know your work is looking great so far! I’ve seen a few threads you started. I look forward to the finished product!


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