Things I’m thankful for…

Working hard in the shop* That I started woodworking ten years ago and discovered how much I really enjoy it.

* For the room in my house where I can set up a dedicated shop.

* A loving and very understanding wife who lets me spend hours in the shop on a sunny Saturday.

* Two healthy and curious boys who love to come into the shop and ask, “How can I help you, Daddy?”

* The loggers who do the tough job of cutting down trees to bring to market.

* The sawyers who skillfully cut the boards that we work with.

* The hardwood sellers who go out of their way to make sure I find the right wood for my upcoming project.

* My local library and the dedicated librarians who will scour the entire state of Florida’s library holdings to find some obscure woodworking book that’s been out of print for about a dozen years.

* The Internet with its scads of information just a mouse click away.

* Woodworkers such as John Lucas, Marc Spagnuolo, Doug Stowe and Tom Hintz who take the time to push valuable woodworking reviews and tutorials out to the masses from their websites – for free!

* Woodworking forums where I can post a heap of stupid questions, and the woodworkers from around the world who patiently answer each of them.

* Innovative companies – many of which are simple mom-and-pop organizations working out of their basements or garages – that find simple, elegant answers to vexing problems.

* Established companies such as Lee Valley, Rockler and Eagle America who value customer service above all and work hard to make sure I am a happy customer.

* eBay where I can find old woodworking tools that have been languishing in some barn in upstate New York for a century so I can get them sharpened and put back to good use.

* The folks at Google who developed Sketchup and still offer it for free.

* The woodworkers from around the world who have graciously agreed to be interviewed by me for the Woodworking Spotlights.

* Each of you for stopping by and reading my blog.

For those who will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a very happy holiday with your family and friends.  For those around the world who will wake up and go about your business just like any other day, I will raise my glass of wine and toast each of you.

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