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Patrick’s Blood and Gore Page

Old Stanley PlanesSure, it sounds like a page where people might talk about gruesome murders or the latest shoot-em-up video game, but this is actually one of the best resources for Stanley hand plane information on the Internet.

Patrick Leach of the Superior Tool Works assembled this virtual library of information on the hundreds of different styles of hand planes build by Stanley Tools from the mid 1800s through the 1960s.

Leach concentrates his efforts primarily on the Bailey and Bedrock offerings, not delving too deeply into the lesser-quality lines such as Handyman.

While his style is pretty tongue-in-cheek, and he does lean heavily toward offering his own personal opinions (especially when it comes to the transitional offerings from New Britain) there is no doubting that he has done his research. Sole lengths, blade widths, special features and the like are all offered in meticulous detail. If you are looking for a new hand plane, this site is a must see.

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