Murphy is in charge

Bread lands buttered side down.

If everything is going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

And, when you have your sweet compact body camera in your shop while trying to take a picture for an article on your blog, it will invariably find some way to fall to the ground and fall with a sickening crack.

That’s exactly what happened when I was shooting photos for today’s post (which will appear next week, trust me). I had everything I needed – the board, the tools, the idea, the right lighting and – of course – the camera. And, the second I set that camera down on my workbench and turned my attention to moving the board to get a better shot, I could hear the impact.


Now, the camera looked OK. Seriously. I held it in my hands, flipped it on and hoped for the best.


Dangit. The camera won’t pair with the lens, which means something went kerfluey when it went kerplunk.

Geek Squad

Fortunately, at the time I bought the camera, I had the foresight to buy the extended warranty from the folks at Geek Squad. Whew. The sales guy told me that it covered just about anything I could do to the camera, and after a few minutes of chatting with the agent online, I discovered that yes, they do stand by the guarantee.


This got me thinking… what about warranties on tools? I know that I often buy Ridgid tools because they have lifetime warranties, and yes, I have used the warranty to get my corded drill repaired. Should I be looking to get the extended warranties on bigger tools? I don’t know. Maybe tools are built a little tougher than electronics.

Oh, well, this is a learning experience, and one I’m glad I’m not having to cough up another $300 to fix. Whew…

One thought on “Murphy is in charge”

  1. Digital cameras…..
    Mine went through the washer……twice….
    (You can’t say anything about that my wife hasn’t said a couple of times…ha ha)
    And thank goodness for the “Square Deal” accidental damage warranty…..

    I don’t blog, but I do like to take project progress photos.

    As far as tools go, I only get the extended warranties on the big stuff that would be too expensive to replace, or too hard to transport to a repair center…ie. my table saw.

    Good post Tom.
    It’ll be interesting to see what other woodworkers say.

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