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There are lots of Christmas songs out there. Many are the oldies, such as Bing Crosby singing Silent Night. Or, maybe Eartha Kitt singing Santa Baby. Or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing O Holy Night. 

Bruce, now with Santa Claus is coming to townBut, because I’m originally from New Jersey, my mind keeps coming back to Bruce Springsteen, and his timeless rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

And, whenever I get to the point where Bruce asks Clarence Clemons if he has been practicing hard, so Santa will bring him a new saxophone, I always stop and think to myself, “Have I been practicing hard at woodworking, so Santa will bring me some new tools?”  That’s when I run back to the shop to get more practice. I mean, I’m not going to take any chances.

The big guy is coming to town!

What about you?  Have you all been good this year, so Santa will bring you a new router or set of chisels?  Answer honestly, because he knows if you’ve been bad or good (So, be good for goodness sake!)


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  1. I didn’t do any actual woodwork this year, but we built an addition. Previously I had to lug tools from the den out to the carport whenever I wanted to do anything. Over the years as more stuff got piled up in the den, lugging stuff out to the carport came to a complete halt. Now I have a garage with an attached shop. Everything got moved into it, but it’s still a big jumble. Two friends are coming over Friday to help me figure out how to arrange it and to move stuff into place. This time next year I will hopefully have something to show for it all.

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