Iggy’s Holiday Wish

‘Twas a few days before Christmas, and this monkey was fine.
Tom was about to just bore you, so I asked for some time.

You see, he’s been distracted, spending long hours at work.
So I figured I’d be nice and not such a jerk.

So, here I was, working on my poetry
In the time of the year that – in Florida – isn’t quite wintry.

The messy shop

Out in the shop the place was a mess.
With shavings and sawdust, something I’d need to address.

With a scratch of my nose and a wink of my eye
Brooms and vacuums at work, time started to fly.

The shop was all cleaned, yet little time had really passed.
I did a deep cleaning, not something half… uhhh… (well, you know!)

And, now it is neat

With everything neat and back in it’s place,
The shop looked quite pleasant, not an ugly disgrace.

And, in the vice chops, cranked tight, not too loose
Some boughs that were harvested from the trunk of a spruce.

Spruce boughs

Now these should fill the shop with a lovely aroma
Which should bring Christmas cheer to Tom and his senora.

After the cleaning the shop, but before I retired
I looked at Tom’s gift list – in projects he was mired.

“I can build these things,” I confidently proclaimed.
“But I’ll have to step on it, it’s the 22nd!” I exclaimed.

So I check the project status, and to work I did hurry
For some parts of the project, I just did have to scurry.

I felt like I was at the North Pole, a right hairy elf,
“If these things are going to get done, I’ll have to do them myself!”

WIne holder

Now, one project I had finished, it was a heck of a job
I decided it would be given to Tom’s friends Pam and to Bob

The wine caddy I’d built to sit on top of a bottle.
I’d finished it quickly, working at full throttle.

It looked so majestic, of mahogany and maple.
On top of the bottle, why, it almost looked Papal.

And when presented to the couple, they were both very surprised.
They thought it was Tom’s work, and couldn’t believe their eyes.


They fell in love with it, but had one rebuke,
“This work is too fine to have come from the Mook.”

That’s when I swung into the room and asked them to heed.
“It wasn’t from Tom, the builder was me!”

With a bottle of red (That is Bob’s favorite quaff)
I bid them both a Merry Christmas, bowed and my hat I did doff.

After bidding farewell to Bob and to Pam
I snooped around the tree to check out Tom’s latest scam.

The tree!There were presents galore for the kids and his wife
But I couldn’t see any for his favorite monkey for life.

I guess the best part is any tools he does receive
I’ll see out in the workshop – and straight to my mitts, I believe.

So I looked for the big boy to check his gift list.
But, I couldn’t find him – I was about to get miffed!

I looked ’round the house, looked both high and down low
But, knew not where it was, I was not sure where he’d go.

When, at last there was but one place to check.
It was his bedchamber, I said, “What the heck?”

But, from inside the room, there was what sounded like a bear.
My feet they did pause, protesting, “We’re not going in there!”

But, I screwed up my courage, and walked into the room.
My palms they where sweaty, my heart it did boom.

Visions of sugarplums...

But my fears were unfounded, the room was quite safe
Because it was Tom, with a grin on his face.

He was fully reclined, deep deep in his slumber.
His snores were so loud, they shook all the lumber.

While he is very funny, I know he’s no fool.
He was actively dreaming about getting some tools.

So, I backed from the room to give him time to rest.
When he’s fully rested, that’s when he does the best.

I’ll tell you this now, I’m not foolhardy
You can count on no post this coming Wednesday.

Because his kids are up early on a Christmas morning
With his family he’ll be, his blog duties he’ll be shunning.

I’ll pass word from Tom, and this comes from his heart
Merry Christmas to all, have fun you must start!


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