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Wooden Classic Wheels

So, imagine you like heavy construction equipment. Or old cars. Or classic pickup trucks.  And, you like woodworking.

If this is the case, today’s link of the week is the site for you.

A replica 1918 Ford Halack

Wooden Classic Wheels is a company owned by William Jackson of Del Motte, Indiana. He hand crafts each of these exquisitely detailed vehicles from hardwoods, and the collection includes far more than just your basic trucks. How about a well drilling rig? Maybe a concrete pumper? Steam locomotives?

He’s got ’em. Spend a few minutes checking out his site, and you will be amazed…


2 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Wow!
    Made me smile.
    Dear Santa I finally figured out what I want…
    no not his trucks (well maybe), but his skills and vision.
    Those hit a number of sweet spots.

    happy holidays to all woodworkers and those who shine the light on them.

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