Last Minute Elf 2013: Saturday

The Last Minute ElfWell, gosh, that went very quickly!  It seems as if the week just began, and now, Iggy and I are sending all of you elves on your merry way. Hopefully, the projects we have featured and the links we have provide give you a bit of inspiration as you move ahead into the holiday season, ready to get to your workbenches and build something special for the ones you love.

But, before you begin, remember that there are two important things you have to keep in mind:

  1. The only way you are going to get them built in time is if you actually get started.
  2. Never say that you can’t build something that will be good enough for your recipient. Over the past years, I have seen many people build awesome projects, but spend all of their time pointing out all of their ‘mistakes’ and belittling their work. Believe me, the only way the recipients are going to know about that tiny, microscopic gap is if you point it out to them. Just give them the present, shut your mouth and say, “thank you” when the recipient expresses his or her recognition.

happy gift recipientsNow, if you will excuse me, I hear some of the power equipment running in the shop. I have to go see what Iggy is up to!

And, we even have some more links for you!

2 thoughts on “Last Minute Elf 2013: Saturday”

  1. I sure hope Iggy is going to share the finished wine/ glass holder and more details on how to build.

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