A new tail

Hey, everyone, Iggy here. Now, I’m not normally a power tool kind of monkey, but I have a soft heart for them. I mean, they help the tailless one – and hundreds of thousands of other, far more talented woodworkers – cut joints, size wood and other important tasks.

This poor saw...The only problem with this mook is that he must be abusing the heck out of it. I mean, let’s take for example this poor, unassuming table saw.  What has it ever done to Tom over the past decade plus?  It’s been a solid performer, cutting whatever he could throw at it. And, when he wasn’t careful, it would bite him… but, that’s another post for another day.

This poor tail...But, could you believe the abuse he threw at this saw – especially it’s tail?  I mean, what does this guy have against tails?

The plugLook at this, where the plug is anchored to the cord. What was he doing with it? Nothing ever good comes from pulling on tails, Tom. Absolutely nothing. The worst part was he kept trying to cover this mess up under scads of electrical tape.  Bad Tom.

My name is nickAnd, as if it couldn’t get any worse… come on, Tom. Seriously?  How did this one happen, right in the middle of the cord? Did you buy stock in an electrical tape company?

The replacement itemsFortunately, I had some time today to help this poor saw get back into shape. It involved a replacement power cord – 14 gauge – and some crimp-on quick connectors.  It didn’t take too much effort to slide the power switch off, open it up and replace the power cord. I would have taken some pictures, but, believe me, it wasn’t all that exciting. Just disconnecting the old wire, reconnecting the new and mounting the switch back in place. Maybe five minutes worth of work.

Getting LoopyOnce everything was buttoned back up, I bundled up the wires with some wire ties, and even gathered the extra wire from the plug and to the motor up in a loose loop to provide stress relief in case the big galoot decides to yank on the tail again. Bad Tom.

The new plugNow, the saw has a brand new power tail, ready to give a lot more service. Only if the Tailless one uses it with care.  Got that?

2 thoughts on “A new tail”

  1. Hi Tom, How do you like that rigid table saw? I’m looking at a used one now in perfect shape. Any problems with it?


  2. It has been a great saw for more than 11 years. I will spring for a new link belt, but that is all of the maintenance it needs.

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