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While frameless (European) cabinet construction is growing in popularity, the face frame cabinet is still a popular building method.

While it does take some extra time and involves extra material, the face frame offers extra strength to the assembly, can be used to square a cabinet, allows an easy way to scribe a cabinet to fit a wall and can be decorative to boot.

There are many methods woodworkers can use to join the elements of the face frame together.  Some are traditional, others are ultra modern.  Some take very little time, others can be quite time consuming.

So, this week, I want to know if you build cabinets with face frames, and just how you join the elements together…


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  1. It depends on the end use. Shop cabinets get the most simple method – pocket holes. A kitchen might also get the same. A nice furniture piece or high end cabinet, would get M&T.

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