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Grant McMillan Wood Carving

One of the skills I hope to master is wood carving. Sure, I did a little of it on my niece’s Confirmation box, and the medal rack saw some ‘carving-like’ features – but, being able to look at a block of wood and make something out of it, gosh.

Holy ship!  Nice work!Fortunately, talented carvers like Grant McMillan have taken the time to post their work and their instructions online. From carved embellishments on larger projects to full-on carving in the round, Grant’s work is truly a pleasure to look at.

One day…


3 thoughts on “Link of the Week”

  1. I did a little carving on a present I’m making.
    It, uh, isn’t quite as good as Grant’s….haha
    (But I’m going to keep trying !)
    Stuff like Grant’s, and Kari Hultman’s & Peter Folensbee are an inspiration to a guy like me who wants to get better at it.
    Good post Tom !

  2. Tom, thanks for the kind words. I’m sure your woodcarving is already very good based on all your other skills. You’re probably like most of us – extra critical of our own work. Don’t let that stop you, though!

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