The Safety Agenda

So, no poll yesterday, huh?  Yeah, I spent most of my day driving across the state of Florida to get to the Governor’s Hurricane Conference.  Yes, that’s the big event I go to every year to learn to learn more about how to keep folks safer come this season.

My friend Bob and I are here to teach a few classes on media relations.  Thus, no poll yesterday.

Yup, I'll be instructing again...

However, we will be focusing on the safety agenda for this season. And, when Bob is teaching, I’ll be working on making some notes on how to make my table saw a little safer.  (Hey, Bob’s an exciting teacher and all, but come on, man, he’s no woodworking!)

I’ve decided that – of c course – I will be working with my splitter in place for the time being. However, I think the time is coming  for a table saw upgrade.  Something with a lot better dust collection that the open stand contractors saw I’m working with.  And, something with a riving knife.

A riving knife

Those new saws with the riving knives are a real pleasure to use. I’ve seen more than a few saws demonstrated with this nifty feature and they are the bee’s knees.  The knife hovers just a fraction of an inch behind the rear of the saw blade, keeping the board from contacting the rear of the blade where the teeth, rising to the apex of the blade  – can grab the wood to flip it back.

I also found an interesting fact about the Delta Unifence and most European saws – the fence only comes to a point just beyond the front edge of the teeth of the blade. This ‘half fence’ set up helps prevent the pinching of the wood between the rear teeth and the rip fence, virtually eliminating any possibility of kickback.  I think I can do something to that effect with a piece of wood and my trusty fence clamps I use for my dado fence.  Pretty swift.

European saws have half-fences

Plus, wow, I really need some better  dust collection.  Sure, I have one of those Velcro on bags that sits below the fence in the stand, but I usually end up using a shop vac to clean things up after the fact. Almost all new saws come with a dust port that grabs a great portion of what’s generated.  Not only will my workspace be neater, I’ll be a lot safer.  Rhonda won’t be chasing after me with a broom to get me to clean up!

Plus, I’m sure I can get some money for the old saw. I have been treating it well for the past decade, and I’m sure it would be able to find a new home.

Hmm… now, how to get me a new one…

3 thoughts on “The Safety Agenda”

  1. When Laguna takes the hint, tell them you need the 3 hp model at least. Time to upgrade to a cabinet saw. If they don’t take the hint, get the Sawstop.

  2. That’s quite neat! Having had saw with a dust port is quite convenient. No more messy work and cleaning after work. Does that also have a cover for the saw blade when not in use? There should be to avoid accidents.

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