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Gunpowder Woodworks

Following a lifelong passion for building things, Mark Hochstein’s interests went from building model airplanes, leatherwork and eventually his first woodworking project – a skateboard – when he was the ripe old age of 12. And, when he joined the military, he rediscovered the passion for building.

Mark's skill is evident in his joinery

Today, he runs Gunpowder Woodworks, his haven where he builds furniture in his blended tool workshop. The design of his work is classic and refined, with bold lines and skilled joinery. Take a look at his site and you will come to appreciate his skilled design eye and craftsmanship.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting link. His site, portfolio, and shop were interesting to look at, but there is no way to contact him. No address, phone, email link. Curious!

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