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Hand tool woodworking can be a real joy. When your tools are sharp.

If not, well, it can be one of the most frustrating experiences you can have in your shop.

A sharp chisel is a thing of beauty
A sharp chisel is a thing of beauty

And, just as in woodworking, there are many ways to get from a dull worthless tool to a sharp performer. My friends at Tormek have helped me out with a sweet T-7, but I have tried lots of different methods over the years. From simple sandpaper stuck to plate glass to more expensive options… I’ve done most of them.

So, this week, it’s your turn.  What is your preferred method of getting your cutting tools into fighting shape?


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  1. I really like the Shapton ceramic stones for my chisels, but also use a Tormek and a 1750 rpm grinder for my turning tools.

  2. I’ve been experimenting with the Todd Clippinger method, using belts sanders. I use various widths and grits and have had some good success with them. Especially with my turning tools which I’ve struggled with in sharpening.

  3. DMT diamond plates – indestructible, do not need flattening and fast cutting. Relatively economic too given that they will last a long long time.

  4. It really depends on what I am sharpening. For my plane blades and good chisels I use waterstones. That is unless I have a chip in the blade then I go to a low speed, hand crank grinder to take it out. Then I go back to my waterstones. For my turning tools I have tried a few different methods and have yet to find one that is reliable and repeatable for me.

  5. I have been using diamond stones and a strop for a while now. I only use hand tools and this method is the fastest I have ever come across. I spend very little time sharpening in my shop. The longest I spend is maybe 1 min. on something. I don’t even need to use a grinder or a hollow grind, the diamond stones cut faster and smoother than anything and they don’t dish out. Doesn’t matter if it is a vintage plane iron, A2 LN iron, or a carving gouge. Fast , simple, and reliable system.

  6. I’m using a Work Sharp WS3000. I also have the tool bar attachment that allows the use of some Tormek jigs with the sharpener.

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