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The Penultimate Workshop

Did you ever run into someone in your life and know you were going to be good friends?  That’s what happened to me at the 2009 Woodworking in America conference held in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. That’s when I ran into this guy from Lawn Gisland, and we hit it off immediately.

Dyami Plotke rocks the mike!

His name, as you may already know, is Dyami Plotke. He’s a blogger nearly as prolific as me, and he’s one of the most generous folks I have ever met. Yes, he has stepped to the plate to help me with Get Woodworking Week, has split the cost of a room at Woodworking in America and he is one part of the triumvirate of podcasters at the Modern Woodworkers Association. Not only is he published online, he’s also a frequent contributor to Fine Homebuilding Magazine. The dude keeps busy.

But, the reason I will always be thankful to him is the time he rescued me from the Hurricane Sandy relief effort in New York City this past November for a meal with him and his family. Thanks, man.

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