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It never fails.  You get through the final assembly of your project and it looks absolutely gorgeous.  Then, it hits you like a ton of bricks – how are you supposed to get your hand holding a piece of sandpaper inside those tiny and intricate openings to get a good smooth surface, and how are you expected to get a smooth finish in those nooks and crannies?

The ideal situation would be to have finish the pieces before you got to this point in the project, but how were you expected to quell your excitement during the assembly process?

Do you prefinish your parts

And, then there’s the concern of getting finish on areas you need to glue up… will the glue stick to that kind of finish, or will the project fall apart?

This week, I want to know your thoughts on prefinishing project pieces before you get to the point of final assembly.  Is this a routine practice or not for you?

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  1. I started to do the parts that are too hard to reach after assembly and it has really helped.

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