Oooop! Ooooop!

Hi, everyone. It’s me, Iggy again.

I was reading the latest edition of Wood Magazine, and you will never guess what… I saw an article by Tom. But, this time, the great ape wasn’t messing with wood. He was offering some advice for people who want to protect their stuff when a disaster is coming. Now, I know that Tom is a walking disaster with oposable thumbs, but I think they may have found something he’s good at – disaster preparedness.  Believe it or not, what he had to say made some great sense.

May 2013 Wood Magazine

Now, that’s a first!

What I was most excited for was that my mentor, svengali and muse Marc Spagnuolo is also featured in the magazine as well. He talks about how tired he was after his adorable son Mateo was born, and how dangerous it is to work in the shop when you are really fatigued.

Which is funny, because I’m really tired of Tom’s shenanigans, but I still manage to work in the shop …

One thought on “Oooop! Ooooop!”

  1. Still waiting for my copy to arrive, but I bet Tom and Marc kick journalistic butt !
    Hang in there Iggy. Tom depends on you !

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