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Problem?  You say I have a problem?

Problem?  Who has a problem?

Many woodworkers buy the wood for their upcoming projects as they need it.  While others, well … I wonder if there may need to be a wood hoarder’s anonymous chapter started in some cities. They have huge stockpiles of boards, lovingly bought for that dream project that they envision building sometime in the future.

Today, let us know what your wood storage situation looks like. Do you buy as you need, or do you stockpile for the future?


3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. if I find wood and can get it home I do. One of these days It will end up in a project. some times the project comes from looking at the wood setting in the shop.

  2. Tom,
    I’ll be coming through St Pete in about 3 weeks on my to Naples for 3 mos. I’ll be glad to come by your house to help you liberate some of your wood clutter, if you like. I’ll have a small flatbed tailer that caries my scrollsaw shop in a footlocker.

    On another note. I hope to meet you at a guild meeting. I’ll be visiting.
    Steve Stutts

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