Get Woodworking Week 2013: Saturday

Get Woodworking Week 2013

Well, gosh, can it be a week already?  I mean, it was just Super Bowl Sunday when we kicked this thing off, trying to get folks off the woodworking sideline and into the game. Now, we are ready to complete the drive and take it in for the touchdown.

Adam gets woodworking

But, before the final gun sound to end the game, we have one more important thing to do… award the winners of our new woodworker prize drawings.  We got quite a few entries, but none was more impressive than the one I got from Adam Wroten.  This NINE year old recently took up woodworking with his dad, and he has built a bunch of projects, including the sword Sir Adam holds in his hands.  Since accurate measurement is critical to woodworking, he’s the winner of the Bora Tools English square and measuring gauge. You go, Adam!

Next up, woodworker John Supica wrote in to tell me about his recent move from needing to purchase concrete tools to his new woodworking addiction.  Also, we had Adam Weil (What’s up with all the Adams?) who also recently took to woodworking, but his entree to the craft came through – of all things – following online woodworking bloggers such as Matt Vanderlist, Wilbur Pan and Marc Spagnuolo.  Who knew we would make a difference?  John and this Adam are both proud recipients of the Bessey Tools clamp packages.  Remember, you can never have enough clamps.

Adam's Crib
Adam’s Crib

And, appropriately enough, we have another Adam- this time, Adam Filbey e-mailed to let me know he began woodworking about a year ago out of necessity – as many of us do.  After his wife brought home their first son, he and his wife were looking for a sturdy and good looking stool for his wife to sit on while bathing their child. Since everything they had seen was of poor quality and plastic, he took matters into his own hands and built his first piece of furniture.  From there, he’s been a busy woodworker, turning out chairs, tables and a crib. Not bad, Adam.  I hope you enjoy the router bit set from Infinity Cutting Tools.

And, here’s to Cub Scout Pack #151 of Long Isand, the proud winners of the Highland Woodworking kids woodworking kits and catapult project sets.  Knowing how the scouts love to work on their Pinewood Derby cars, this one was only a natural. Way to go!

We have even more awesome posts from Get Woodworking Week – as we have had the entire week. Here’s today’s daily dose:

Shannon Rogers from the Renaissance Woodworker did a great video demystifying the Lumberyard. It’s a great watch for those of us who still get confused when we go lumber shopping…

We have another great video here from the ever-hilarious Steve Ramsey over at Woodworking for Mere Mortals.  Sure, Steve was having trouble understanding the whole ‘Get Woodworking’ thing (to answer your question, Steve… yes), but he had no issues getting his message across.  You go, Steve!

Now that the week has wound down, I guess it’s time for me to tell you what I’m doing today … I am headed to a woodworking class over at Infinity Cutting Tools on router basics and more advanced techniques. This leads us to the most important point about Get Woodworking Week – No matter how experienced you may be, no matter how many projects you have under your belt – there is always something new to learn in this great craft.

Never stop learning – or offering to teach others.

Join us all again next year from February 2 – 8 for Get Woodworking Week 2014. Until then, happy sawdust everyone.


4 thoughts on “Get Woodworking Week 2013: Saturday”

  1. Congratulations on a fine week of presentations and information dissemination.
    I didn’t know how you were going to top last years great stuff, but you did !
    Thank you for all you do, and to all the other great contributors who help those of us that still have a lot to learn.

    And, I have to admit, I’m kind of jealous of “Sir Adam’s” cool sword !

    Thanks again Tom.

  2. this is absolutely a wealth of information that opens the doors to the amazing community of online woodworking! i continue to be amazed by the community that exists! thanks for the generosity of your giveaways! i am thrilled to start using my new bessey clamps soon!

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