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OK, here’s  a sticky situation…

In your workshop, no doubt you use glues. And, for many different applications, there are different glues you have to use.  Maybe a yellow glue for general work, hide glue for attaching small moldings without using nails, polyurethane glue for outdoor applications… the list goes on and on.

Use that glue!

But, as you know, when you are at your workbench, there’s that one adhesive you turn to more often than any others. The one you know you are going to have to buy a new bottle of before you start that next big project. The first one you look for when you are ready to do that glue up.

This week, let us know which type of glue is your favorite to work with.


4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I have been pretty much a creature of habit; using the same glue for a while now. Mostly because it gives me good results.
    But lately, I have been trying other glues that offer different working qualities, and it has helped me in some “sticky situations”…lol
    Thanks Tom.

  2. Usually Titebond III, but I also keep Titebond I on hand for smaller projects or if I’m worried about the darker color of the TB III.

    I picked up a small bottle of the Titebond Liquid Hide Glue but haven’t tried it on anyhting yet…which is silly since it’s now just getting old on the shelf. Those coupons will get you every time!

  3. I typically use titebond II on all of my wood projects. But I always keep a tube of super glue in my first aid kit. Nothing beats it for stitching back together the slices in your fingers… I hear it works on wood too, but it works better as a instant bandage.

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