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As woodworkers, many times we try to figure out how to class our projects up. Maybe a decorative inlay. Relief carving. Proudly cut dovetails. The possibilities are endless.

But, many times, our projects turn out a little more bland than we would like. Why? Because, we don’t know exactly how to pull off these more interesting and – yes – even classy design elements. Instead, we turn to more of the tried-and-true tricks in our repertoires because that’s what we know. And, in many cases, our work starts to become easily identified as ours.

A woodworking class is a great place to learn!

What we need – in addition to projects and techniques that add class – is a class to learn about projects and techniques. Classes can be offered at many locations.  Some are online. Others can take place at a community college or trade school.  Woodworking schools are great places to seek out some new knowledge and meet other hobby woodworkers who are into the craft.  And, in many cases, stores that sell woodworking tools are offering classes.  Woodcraft. Rockler. Lee Valley. Highland Hardware.

And, the newest entry into the field is taking place at  Infinity Cutting Tools at their new Oldsmar, Florida location. In a dedicated section of their spacious warehouse, David Venditto will be offering a number of classes on different projects and techniques to inspire wooodworkers to go on to bigger and better things in their shops. Woodworking experts will lead these classes, which will help take your work from nice to woah!

Learn how to make your router a joinery machine

The first class is scheduled for Saturday, February 9, from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Infinity’s offices.  During this class, participants can get the lowdown on how to get the most out of their routers.  Tampa Bay area furniture builder and woodworking teacher Kurt Raschke will touch on the many different operations that a router can do – inlays, joinery, moldings, and many more operations.  Hand held and table mounted routing will also be covered in detail, as well as bit selection and care.  I plan on being there for the class, and trust me, there will be lots of pictures!

Getting better at woodworking

While this is a great first offering, it’s not all that will be presented. In fact, this first class is just a taste of the future offerings.  It’s the first part of a series of classes including the basics on table saw set up and use and getting the most out of your planer and jointer. And, as future classes are planned, you will have a major say in what gets instructed.

So, what kinds of classes would you like to see? More hands-on how-to, projects that you will be proud to put in your living room, design that gets the proportions and wood choice down pat? Now is your time to help guide the development of this brand new woodworking school.

Oh, and look for a few posts from me as the courses get going. There may be some interesting techniques I can bring to my woodworking from them.

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  1. I voted for “any and all of the above”. It really wasn’t one of the possible answers so I created it myself. 🙂


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