A peek at the weekend at WIA

I’m still on a big time high after coming back from Woodworking in America, the midwest edition. I mean, when you can get folks together and talk woodworking – ALL weekend – I mean, come on!  It’s about as woodwork geeky as you can get!  So, what was it like? Well, lemme show you!

Now, isn’t that great? We got a warm welcome when we got to Covington, Kentucky.
Yukking it up with my good friend Mike Candella on the expo floor
Very talented woodworker Don Williams shows off his awesome bentwood chair. Just stunning.
Patrick Leach’s incredible old tool collection
Say ‘ello to my little friend! A HUGE Scott Meek jointer plane
Of course, you need a little lunch over at the White Castle. Of course, I’m tweeting a pic!
Who wouldn’t want to take a class with Roy Underhill?
When you get a chance to interview Chuck Bender, you take it!
Let’s hoist a few brews at the Hoffbrauhaus with some great friends!
Jeff gave a great hands-on session with the Tormek!
I try to get Frank Klausz to cut my dovetails at the Hand Tool Olympics
Even without Frank’s help, my dovetails didn’t stink as bad as last year’s!
I ran around and played the bench dog fairy… Courtesy of Time Warp Tools!
The Modern Woodworkers Association Crew posing on Megan Fitzpatrick’s Gluebo workbench
The fun had to end sometime.. Ian MacKay helped roll up the banner

While it was sad to see the show wrap up, I flew back to Florida excited to think about next year.

And, yes, it was fun, but I think there were a few things that could improve the event next year. With two shows – the first one held a month ago in Pasadena, California – it split the WIA audience into three segments – those who attended Pasadena, those who attended Covington and those who didn’t attend either show because everyone wouldn’t be together.  Rumor has it that next year, they will go back to one show… And, I hope to see y’all there!


4 thoughts on “A peek at the weekend at WIA”

  1. Tom:
    How many of those White castle burgers did you snarf down? That was a buncha boxes on the table there!!
    Please take me next year. I’ll lose some weight and stowaway in your luggage!

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