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Bob and Dave’s Good, Fast and Cheap Bench

A workbench is an essential in a well-appointed shop. It makes both hand and power tool woodworking much easier. The only challenge? How do you build a substantial one with minimal investment in cash?

Simple. You want to check out Bob and Dave’s Good, Fast and Cheap bench. This PDF document was created a number of years ago, but features the simple steps to build a cheap yet functional workbench with simple, easily sourced materials. The building techniques couldn’t be easier, either. In fact, many of the tenons have their shoulders cut with a hand saw, with the waste split off with a mallet and chisel. Easy peasey lemon sqeezy.

Sure, it’s an older plan, and not a heavy-duty Roubo bench made out of choice hardwoods, but it will certainly give you a serviceable bench that can work in your shop for years.


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  1. WOW, this brings back memories. When I got into woodworking a sometime ago I found this web page and designed my bench based on this. I had only a jack plane, table saw, hand router & drill press. It’s a great functioning work bench. I was overly optimistic on how fast I could hand plane the top with just a jack plane. I think it took about 5 long evenings just to flatten my poor glue job. It was my first project.

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