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Getting started in woodworking is a tricky business.  One typical route people enter woodworking is through home improvement… and many prospective woodworkers come to the table with your basic tools – a circular saw, a drill, screwdrivers – you know, those homeowner essentials.

From there, wisely adding to the tool collection is the best way to get your feet under you.

In many cases, budding woodworkers will turn to a more experienced woodworker for that advice, and the most commonly asked questions is, “What should I buy first?”

So, this week, what would you tell that new woodworker? What should be the first tool they set their shops up around?

10 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. voted for the espresso machine, but table saws are nice as they also tend to give you a reasonably large flat work surface. I find the most arduous job using hand tools is dimensional ripping.

  2. It’s funny re-thinking what I should have bought, having some experience under my belt, as opposed to what I actually bought, thinking that I just “had” to have that stuff..
    Live and learn. lol

  3. Ok I could not help but vote for the espresso machine. My real answer would be – what Do you want to build.  Unless you are looking to whittle you will probably need more then one tool.

  4. I must have six or seven different saws but the tool I really need is patience. Like many other activities it is best to concentrate on the journey rather than the destination.

  5. I too voted handtools… I believe in the journey rather than the destination. However you do need to have a destination in mind as you begin… for simplicity and speed though, a table saw is tremendous at reducing time for dimensioning rough stock in any endeavor.

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