Another friend joins the party


I am just floored. When I put up my first post about my upcoming thousandth post, I had no idea about just how generous the woodworking community was going to be.

Yes, we have a new friend who has come on board to add to the cornucopia of gifts for the thousandth post entry. It’s a good thing we are at post #984 today… only 16 to go!

Legendary hand tool builder Scott Meek is offering up one of his hand-crafted plane adjustment mallets together with a $50 gift card for use on his site.

If you haven’t stopped by his site, you owe it to yourself to check out his work. I mean, wow, his wooden hand planes are pieces of art, and would be at home in any shop (yes, even someone who primarily uses power tools!).


3 thoughts on “Another friend joins the party”

  1. That is mighty nice of Scott.
    Pretty safe to say that he, or any of the other sponsors wouldn’t be doing this for a schmuck.

    I think you’ve effected the woodworking community more then you realize my friend.

    Besides being a talented woodworker and blogger, (and awesome climate Armageddon announcer) you are a regular guy who people have fun hanging out with.

    It never hurts for business people to be associated with someone like that.

    Good job !

  2. Wow, I’m just thrilled to be considered “legendary”! I think that’s the first time that has ever been used to describe me. HAHA

    I’m proud to help support this momentous occasion Tom. You do wonderful things for the woodworking community, and that benefits us all.

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