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The art of dollhouse miniatures

As you peer into the well-appointed bedroom, feast your eyes on the handsome suite of bedroom furniture. The design of the mahogany headboard mirrored in the ornate washstand. The flowing lines of the frame and panel doors of the armoire…

Now, imagine this furniture is unbelievably tiny, and fits in to a doll’s house. What would you say now?

For a segment of woodworkers who love to work in miniature for a doll’s house, this type of ornate design is a challenge, and today’s website is a great place to visit for design ideas, step by step plans and technique articles on how to build your own set of miniature furniture.

The best thing about building in such small scale? You don’t have to call a mover to rearrange the room when you get tired of the layout.


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  1. Certainly I’m not the only one who saw this post and immediately thought “thirteen years…and four months” ?



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