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OK, maybe they aren’t the most accurate of measuring devices. And, in many cases, getting an absolute relative measurement for a part you need to cut is far superior.

But, you can’t deny that a tape measure is a handy tool to have in a shop!

Just like potato chips, though, it seems like you can never have just one. This week, let us know just how many of these handy measuring devices you have in your shop.


5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Actually, you wouldn’t believe how many I have.

    Probably at least 20.
    (if I could figure out how to post a photo here I’d show you the drawer full!) lol

    My sister in law is a rebate shopping queen, and Menards in Illinois is always is always offering tape measures and other shop supplies for free with rebate.
    She takes care of me on that stuff.
    And, I have to say that these are pretty darn good tape measures.

    naturally, I have one or two that are favorites and the rest usually stay at the ready in the tool drawer. but it’s nice to have the extras when my wife or kids need to borrow one…

  2. I’ve been told that there are more than 50 million sold in the US alone. Can you imagine anyone without a tape measure? The reason people have so many is that when they have a need to measure something and can’t find the one they own they they just buty another – it’s like a household necessity. Most tapes are not sold to Pros. Over 10% of American women carry a tape measure in their purse routinely.

    I invented a product called a Digitape and more recently improved it and now call it an eTape16 (eTape16.com) – it solves lots of problems we all have, like remembering the measurement and big display for those who can’t see the little lines (or don’t know what they’re for). It also converts to metric.

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