Some more friends to the party!

Here we are at post 972 – only 28 to go – and it’s starting to feel like a ride down Interstate 95 and seeing all of those South of the Border signs. You know the annoying, kitschy signs that start something like 200 miles from the place, hyping the kids into a frenzy by the time they get to the nasty tourist trap.

I have to first give a nod to my friend Chris Wong over at Time Warp Tools. I kinda shoehorned him into a thank you post after the fact, and I think most of you might have missed it. So, here we go…

Time Warp Tools is throwing in a set of his bench dogs as another prize. The winner gets their choice of a four pack of either three or five inch long dogs. Thanks, man!

And, I got word from the folks over at Funktionhouse Urban Lumber and Furnishings that they are going to throw in a large flat rate shipping box of blue mahoe. Just what is blue mahoe? Well, it’s pretty darned impressive looking wood from the Caribbean with a very striking color.

The outpouring of support has been nothing but awesome, and I want to thank everyone who has stepped to the plate to make this happen!


One thought on “Some more friends to the party!”

  1. Well we are crazy busy moving into the new design/build shop and setting up the saw yard. The etsy site is set to “on Vacation” but you can call 727-286-0589 or stop by..

    Located inside the “value fair market”
    Funktionhouse Urban Lumber and Furnishings
    3951 34th Street South
    St. Petersburg, FL 33711

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