A lighthearted interview

I’m a pretty laid-back kinda woodworker. I like to yuk it up as well. And, I’m usually the guy who does the interviewing of other woodworkers.

But, when Chris Landy at the Lighthearted Woodworker asked me to weigh in on some questions, hey, I was game! Chris has started a new feature on his blog called 12 Lighthearted Questions … where he sends over a dozen funny, irreverent and just darned unusual questions to other woodworkers to gain some insight into their lives, woodworking practices and other ‘things’.

What made this easier for me was that I wasn’t the first victim – err – I mean volunteer (yeah, that’s it) for this column.  Kari Hultman of the Village Carpenter got the Lighthearted treatment a few weeks ago, and I had absolutely no idea she waited in line two and a half hours to get Norm Abrams’ autograph! Her? A hand tool woodworker to the core?  🙂

What about me? When you read my interview, you might be surprised to see what gets me out of the shop, what tool I could never give away (because it’s just so darned bad) and just why my oldest son Dominic may have to see a therapist later in life.

Thanks, Chris. That was a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to finding out more about some other woodworkers… so I’ll have leverage on them when we meet up at the next woodworking event.


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