Good to see the crew

This past Saturday, I followed through on my promise and went to the Woodworking Show in Tampa. As always, what a great experience. There were vendors, woodworkers and some good friends I haven’t seen for an entire year.

Here are some shots from the show…

There were folks from the Tampa and St. Petersburg woodcrafters' guilds
Exhibitors such as Carter Bandsaw Accessories were doing some great classes
Tommy Mac of Rough Cut was there doing some scraper demonstrations
That clown Jim Heavey doing his song and dance
Sam Hamory of Earlex sprayers was teaching me a thing or two about shooting a finish
The absolute best title for a class all day...
My favorite shot of the day

Now, why would this be my favorite shot of the day? Simple… this guy is Eric Rusch. He’s has been a long time reader of this blog, and his past weekend, we finally had the opportunity to meet face to face. What a great guy… We talked for a while about our woodworking hobbies and we took a few shots. I’m hoping we have an opportunity to meet up again sometime soon!


One thought on “Good to see the crew”

  1. Thank you for everything you do for the woodworking community Tom.
    You have been, and continue to be a true inspiration to in the craft.

    It was great meeting up with you, and I had a lot of fun at the show.

    Thanks again.

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