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While they may have lost some of their luster due to the Internet and the current economic situation, woodworking shows and expos are some very interesting places to visit.  You get to meet and talk with – in many cases – the same people who created the tools they are selling, to hold the tools in your hands and see them in operation.

Yesterday, while I was at the Woodworking Show in Tampa, I saw some folks hugging the wall just taking some mental notes on what they wanted to buy, while others were staggering out the doors of the convention hall, struggling to carry home all of their goodies.

This week, we want to know how you feel about purchasing something – anything – at a woodworking show or expo.

8 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I buy so much there, the “Supreme Financial Commander” at our house (and you know who that is) comes out to the shop the next day or two looking around for anything new. (pretending to be coming out there for some other reason) lol.

    I definitely helped the economy yesterday in Tampa!

  2. I have two problems. The nearest show for me is K.C. MO. which is 180 miles away. And the idea of paying admission to have someone sell me something just doesn’t cut it. The grocery store doesn’t charge me to shop there.

  3. Good point, Roger. They do also offer classes at the shows, which is a bonus… so I guess that would make it ‘worth’ the upcharge…

  4. I love the shows Tom! What could be better than hanging out for a day with other woodworkers and walking around getting new ideas for things? Never been to one where I didn’t learn a few things. I was at the Tampa show friday and returned Sunday for the inlay seminar and to pick up a few more supplies. Had a great time!

  5. Yes, I’ve bought at w/w shows. I’ve found if you make a list of possible purchases before you go, some items at these shows can be a big bargain. Prices you can’t find anywhere else. But you must be strong!! Stay within your personal guidelines. TOYS!! He who dies with the most toys….still dies.

  6. The first time I went, I was a relative n00b, so I bought a couple odds and ends. I really wanted to go this year specifically to look at (and probably purchase) a few things from Lee Valley/Veritas. Unfortunately, I had a scheduling conflict 🙁

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